​I'm Jordanne.

An entrepreneur, writer and revived corporate zombie mommy of two who is un-apologetically crazy about getting beautiful amazing women - just like you - fearless and confident in their life and with their money.

Why? Because fear stagnates us. It makes us stay in jobs and relationships when we should leave, move when we should stand firm and ultimately steals our joy. We owe it to ourselves to wake up everyday empowered and excited about the possibilities. Ready to face any challenge with courage and confidence.

Does that sound good? I think so.

We're All About You Winning

We're tired of hearing the statistics of women being victims.
Done with the stereotypes of not dominating our finances, kicking ass in our careers or getting the salaries we deserve.
Over the body shaming from others and ourselves.

Being fearless and confident isn't just about trusting yourself, it's about making your life richer and making the best of this crazy life we have. Feeling more creative, inspired, and positive in everything we do so life starts happening again. 

Doesn't feel like you now? Don't worry you're not doing it alone. We've got your back! 
We're going to start kicking ass at life by freeing ourselves of financial fears, loving our actual life - messy house, imperfections, frustrations and all, feeling fulfilled in any job we do, and developing and deepening meaningful relationships.

I empower you to define what you want and ultimately achieve it by giving you guidance, tips, tools, roadmaps and a ton of amazing content in different mediums through the site and my programs.

We all make a choice in how we want to live our lives. I choose to be fearless.
How about you?​

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