If Any Of This Sounds Familiar, You're In The Right Place

  • Chasing the definition of success. Following all the rules. Doing everything you 'supposed' to do only to find yourself bogged down by insecurities, and disappointments?
  • Worried you don't make enough, won't have enough money to pursue travel, buy a house, maybe retire one day before you work yourself to death.
  • Feeling your whole life is a mess that you can't seem to fix
  • Your 30+-year-old body is a complete stranger and just isn't responding to your usual tactics to get healthy. Leaving you stressed and frustrated.
  • Feeling annoyed and frustrated because after spending the day being everything for everyone there is no energy left to take care of yourself.
  • Dreading Mondays from Sunday evening, because you feel trapped, unfulfilled, unchallenged and underwhelmed. Every. Single. Day.
  • Jealous of people who 'seem' to have it all together. The life, kids, spouse, job etc. Wishing you could have your own dream life.
  • No one to talk to about it? Everyone says you should stop complaining and ungrateful. To be contented with your life.

Meet Jordanne

I’m Jordanne, the founder, and editor-in-chief for Good and Wells.

I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m a bit of a red marble.

I’m an introverted, recovering type A personality, but I’m also quirky, fun loving and I literally will take off my shoes and dance to the music playing in my head at any time.

In the past I spent a lot of time trying to be someone else, but now for the first time I can truly feel fearless, radiant, loved and happy anywhere and around anyone. 

Now I help women rediscover the strength, confidence, and empowerment that comes with being free from financial worries, knowing what they want and going after it

I grew up in Jamaica, and my parents had just enough to send me to college in the US for the first year, after that I was on my own. They instilled great values in me, but I also felt intense pressure to be successful, and that I only had one chance to get it right.

No mistakes, no do-overs. No risks or failures were allowed.

So I followed the ‘rules,’ studied hard, worked on campus, got loans and by the grace of God and the amazing people He put in my life I was able to finish. I achieved the dream of a great paying 9-5 job, a home and, eventually a family.

But after having kids and turning 30, I woke up –  albeit very blessed – depressed, unfulfilled and underwhelmed.

I had everything I ‘wanted.’ But I wasn’t happy. When I looked in the mirror I wasn’t living up to my radiant, spirited, part-fashionista /part sex-pot self I saw in my mind. I felt deeply insecure, always comparing my life to others, feeling deep down there had to be more to life working, paying bills and praying for the weekend which went by too fast.

And it wasn’t just one thing. It was everything.

I had abandoned taking care of myself. I had no hobbies, no goals, no dreams…nada. And I was paralyzed by fear of everything- my future finances, working myself to death with no retirement, the people my children would become, not having more friends… yep, everything.I had followed all the rules, but I wasn’t living… just fearfully going through the motions. This was not what I had in mind for ‘being accomplished.’



It was time for a change

My jump-start came when I read that women in their 40’s are at their happiest. 

They are comfortable in their bodies – accepting their weight, skin, breasts, and blemishes and see their faults as part of their characters to be as celebrated as much as their strengths.

Their careers and earnings are stronger with experience, and their lives and relationships are richer because, they know what they want, how to get there, are confident enough to demand it and are young, healthy and sexy enough to still pursue it. Basically, they hit the Maslow hierarchy mother-load now!

And I wanted it. Not when I was 40, I wanted that right now! So I decided: 

I want to start living my 40-year-old self now! Loving my life because it was the one I created. Not what some book or society thought it should be. Being happy, hopeful and excited about each day.

I wanted to be Smart. Witty. Charming. I wanted to be interesting. Hell, I wanted to be fun and have fun again!

And it was time to make a change, after all, if I didn’t change something, everything would stay the same. DUH, right?! And good and wells documents what I learned along the way that worked.



And that brings me to you

These days, as a revived corporate mommy zombie.

I’m unapologetically crazy about getting amazing beautiful women – like yourself – fearless and confident in their life and with money. So they can be happy, healthy and sexy in their own skin, with all their quirks and unique beauty.

I finally found joy, and I want all women to find the happiness as well that comes with being at peace, genuinely appreciative and connected with themselves. Fearless, strong, and more confident than they have ever been.

No more staring at the ceiling at night worrying about bills. No more stressing out and taking time off your life. No more staying in situations when you should leave, or giving up when you should keep going. No more paralyzing doubt about what you are doing or where you are going.

And that’s why I am here, to help you build a life that you actually love. A peaceful life uniquely and brilliantly tailored for you.

And it starts with getting the five major areas of your life that impact your happiness in order – money, health, spirit, career and personal improvement.

I’m still learning and growing, but I promise to bring you very best of what I’m learning. I never suggest you try something that I haven’t already tested out on myself and always provide detail steps on what to do.

With loving kindness, let’s tackle the fears and frustrations together and begin trekking our paths to the awesomeness already within us!